Officelyte Classic

  • High Efficiency and High Output versions for LED and fluorescent
  • Exceptionally low glare
  • Unique patented design incorporating satin prismatic wings and a Conical De-glaring Prism (CDP) centre panel
  • Enclosed design reduces dust ingress and improves Luminaire Maintenance Factor (LMF)
  • Slot-in wing design allows for quick and simple installation, maintenance and cleaning
  • LED version (52W) – fixture lumens 37501m, 721m/W, 100% LOR, 4000K (High Output)
  • All models of Officelyte Classic LED are easy to install e.g the Organic Response version features a 3 pole Metway panel mounted plug located on side of luminaire – Use 3 pole female socket for the perfect connection (Not supplied) – Metway reference = 166 GBUF-3 – Weiland reference = 92.931.30.53 or 92.933.0053 (gesis GST18i)
  • 3000K versions available upon request
  • Organic Response enabled. See Lighting Controls section of this catalogue
  • Custom product solutions to suit different ceiling grid systems – available on request

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