• Continuum introduces a uniquely clean, simple lighting system offering continuous, highly uniform lines of light across walls and ceilings.
  • This highly versatile lighting tool can be recessed, semi-recessed, surface-mounted or suspended, either vertically or horizontally. • Suitable for offices, meeting rooms, corridors, education facilities, museums and libraries.
  • T5 battens with 100mm staggered lamp holders.
  • Every batten has a plug and socket arrangement for easy and rapid electrical installation.
  • Continuum offers a complete range of high efficiency and high output T5 lamp options.
  • Continuum profile is available in two versions: one with an outside trim detail for plasterboard ceilings; and a trimless version for when a seamless effect is required.
  • Both aluminum extrusions are specially designed with internal reflectors to optimise the light output and reduce the risk of any dark areas.
  • Continuum profiles are supplied pre-cut in modular lengths complete with Satine opal diffusers, offering superb light diffusion.
  • Switch Dim / DS! dimmable versions and 3hr non-maintained integral emergency options are available as standard options.

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